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 HOWTO: Transfer Software and Patient Data to a Different Computer


Occasionally, one might want to move Orion Outcomes software from one computer to another. For example, this could be because you received a new computer.


Users do not want to lose patient data during this transfer.


Install Orion Outcomes on the new computer using your same serial number. We recommend that you do not use your original CD-ROM.  Instead, visit our web site to download the latest version of the software at:

Do not start the program once you have it installed.

On your old computer, from within Orion Outcomes, go to the menu bar and choose File -> Properties.  The location of your database file will be printed on the screen.  If this file is a local file (for example, if it starts with C:\ ), then you will need to copy this file to your new computer.  If the file is on a shared drive or network, then you probably do not need to copy this file.  You should be able to access that same file from the new computer.
If the file was a local file, you will want to copy the database file to a diskette or USB jump drive to transfer it to the other computer.  You will want to put the database into the Orion Outcomes installation directory, which is normally C:\Program Files\Orion\Outcomes\CVPR
Run Orion Outcomes on the new computer. You will be prompted to create a new database or open an existing one. Choose open existing and then select the file you copied over in the last step.
If you encounter a license compliance error, you may need to rest your license history.  There is a self-help tool for license resets on our web site.

Uninstall Orion Outcomes on the old computer. This can be done by opening the Windows Control Panel and clicking on Add/Remove Programs

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