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 Measuring Exercise Compliance
Solution Exercise compliance is measured at each outcome evaluation. Guidelines for collection of the information are on page 27 of our Orion Outcomes User Guide version 4:

+ Record the average number of minutes spent exercising per day by the patient. This includes time in rehabilitation class as well as time at home.
+ Record the average number of days spent exercising per week by the patient. This includes days in rehabilitation class as well as days at home.

For the pre-program evaluation, patients may report 0 for both measures. This is a valid answer however it will create a situation where change cannot be calculated for that patient from pre-program to post-program because it is undefined. As with any outcome, change is defined mathematically as "(Post-Pre)/Pre", hence you would have a divide by 0 which is undefined. Therefore, this patient will be excluded from your local program change summary reports as well as benchmarking reports. So this patient will not help or hurt your outcomes.

There have been concerns expressed about including the time/days in rehabilitation class. Given the exercise in class is actually exercise, it is included. We couldn't say the patient did no exercise because that wouldn't be correct. However, we want to be sure that behavioral change is occurring and that would be exercise outside of class. This change we are striving for is long term change so it will be more evident as the patient returns for the 6 month, 9 month, 1 year, or more follow-up evaluations where the rehabilitation class is long since past and the patient will only have their own behavioral changes to account for an increase or decrease in time/days spent exercising.

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