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 Why Doesn't The Username/Password From One Computer Work On Another?
Solution Orion Outcomes stores the usernames and passwords within the patient database file. If you are able to successfully log in on one computer with a set of credentials but those same credentials do not work on a different computer, the likely cause is that the two computers are using different patient database files.

Step 1: To correct this, go to the computer that you can log in on. Once inside of Orion Outcomes, go to the File menu and choose Properties. At the top of the window, it will give the "Database Location". Note this location. This is where your patient database file is.

Step 2: Go to the computer where you had difficulty logging in at, when prompted for a username and password, notice down along the status bar in Orion Outcomes at the bottom right of the window. It will list the database that it is trying to open. Its likely different from the database in Step 1. Press Cancel. It will ask you if you want to try a new database next time you run Orion Outcomes. Click Yes. Then it will prompt you if you want to try again. Click No. Orion Outcomes will close. Re-start the program and you will be prompted to create or open a database. Choose "Open an existing outcomes database". Navigate to the database in Step 1 and select it. Now use your login credentials to gain access to the database.

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