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 Why does it log me out after scoring a test?
Solution Its doing it on purpose, sort of. When you go to the tab for a tool, there are 3 options towards the bottom. You can: administer a test, print a test, or score a test. Administer is for when you sit a patient down and they take the test on the computer. Score is for when you have the patient's written answers and want to score the survey.

The Administer option and Score option are very similar but have 2 key differences. The Administer option puts the test into full screen mode so the patient can only access the test itself. When the Administer option is over, it shows a login screen -- this is to prevent a patient from finishing the test and then taking some time to browse other patient's protected health information, for which the HIPAA police would gladly enjoy hearing about.

This particular program was always using the Administer mode and the login seemed unnecessary. Of course it was but that was because they were choosing the wrong option.

Be sure to take a minute to read the text next to the buttons for instruction on their usage.

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