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 How can I import from Q-Progress when its on a different computer?
Make sure you have are using Orion Outcomes version 2.40.005 or later.
Quinton Q-Progress will export one or more files with a .XML extension.  These are the files that Orion Outcomes will import.  Transfer those file to the computer running Orion Outcomes by CD, disc, or other media.
On the computer with Orion Outcomes, run Orion Outcomes and choose the File menu, then Import and Export.  Choose Import from Quinton Q-Progress.  Orion Outcomes will warn you that it cannot find Q-Progress on this computer.  Select No to tell Orion Outcomes that you will not be installing Q-Progress on this computer.  It will then ask you what directory you want to import the files from.  At this point, you can browse your computer and find the .XML file(s) that you transferred from the Q-Progress computer and select them for import.

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