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 How do I interpret my benchmarking report?
We have several sources for information about our benchmarking reports. 
1.  Understanding Your Benchmarking Report - This is quick introduction to the reports is geared towards our Premium Benchmarking customers but is helpful to all.
2.  Outcomes Program Manual - This is the manual that came with your purchase of Orion Outcomes.  It has general information on how to interpret benchmarking reports.
3.  Signing Up For Premium Benchmarking - If you are not subscribed to our premium service level, you may want to consider it.  It includes extra reports and an hour with our outcomes experts to go over your results!
4.  Other Users - Post your questions to our user community.  Lots of great questions and answers have been shared there already.
This diverse set of sources should help you understand and learn from your benchmarking reports.

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