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 Trouble Exporting via the Internet


If you are having trouble with Internet exports, its usually because your IS/IT department has a security device blocking your transfer. Orion Outcomes uses Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to transfer the benchmarking data. SFTP uses port 22 to connect to orionoutcomes.com (


In rare cases, some companies have a proxy server installed that you need to configure Orion Outcomes to work with. You will need to get the proxy server information from your IS/IT department or have them do the configuration for you. The proxy configuration screen is in Orion Outcomes under the Tools->Option menu on the Export tab.
If you do not have a proxy server, its likely that you are blocked by a firewall. Your IT/IS department will need to open the firewall for your machine so that you can connect to orionoutcomes.com ( on port 22 via SFTP. Depending on your firewall, there are a variety of options for configuring this method. This will need to be done by your IT/IS department. There is nothing in Orion Outcomes that you can change to make it work in this case.
You can test your firewall outside of Orion Outcomes by going to a Windows Command Prompt (usually found on your Accessories menu). Once it opens, type in "telnet orionoutcomes.com 22" and press Enter. If the window shows text about "SSH" then you have connected. If not, it will likely show you an error telling you it can't connect. This demonstrates that something inside your company is preventing the connection.
If you do not have Internet access on your Orion Outcomes computer, you may need to utilize our free Slingshot program to send data from any Internet-connected computer.

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