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 ERRMSG: Uninstaller Setup Failed to Initialize
Solution While running your installation, a message box may appear stating, "Uninstaller setup failed to initialize. You may not be able to uninstall this product."

This is a problem created by the installation software Orion uses. The vendor of that software recommends the following steps:
  • This error could also occur if the uninstall log file becomes corrupt from previous test runs of your installation. InstallShield 5.x Professional appends to an existing uninstall log file, rather than creating a new one each time. Try deleting the Uninst.isu file created for your setup through the Windows Explorer as it may be corrupt, and then rerun your setup.
  • This error could also occur if the user does not have the permission to create the folder, that should hold the uninstall logfile.

You can get more information on this issue and specific troubleshooting steps here:

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