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 Trouble Exporting via the Internet
 Symptoms If you are having trouble with Internet exports, its usually because your IS/IT department has a security device blocking your transfer. Orion Outcomes uses Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to transfer the benchmarking data. SF
 How do I interpret my benchmarking report?
 We have several sources for information about our benchmarking reports.    1.  Understan
 Why is there no percentile rank for peak 6MDW outcomes?
 The 6MDW is a submaximal test peak value should remain unchanged if the test is done correctly both pre and post program. Example: the patient walks at 80% effort pre based on HR and BP. Post program he should walk at 80% but will be able to do more
 Benchmarking Frequency
 Orion Outcomes will remind you to benchmark your data every 90 days. This is configurable through the Tools->Option menu. However, you need not wait for the reminder to benchmark your data. You can benchmark at any time by simply going to
 Comparison By Program Size
 As part of our premium benchmarking service, you will receive a report comparing your program with like-sized programs. We created 3 buckets for programs based on the value you enter into your Orion Outcomes program profile for "Number of Program Starts
 Patient Satisfaction
 Patient Satisfaction does not show up on the various change-based benchmarking reports. This is because satisfaction is only measured once for post-program. Therefore, there is no change value so it cannot be included on these reports. With our Premi
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