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 Do I have to pay to use the SF-36?
 Yes. As of April 2003, all facilities using the SF-36 or SF-12 must pay to use the tool according to QualityMetric, the copyright holder.  This charge applies if you use a software program, like Orion Outcomes, or if you just do the SF-36 on paper by
 FAQ: Quality of Life Index
 Many questions have been raised about the Quality of Life Index. Some of our users met with Carol Estwing Ferrans, the author of the tool, to have the most common questions answered. Q: When some questions don’t apply, what should you do (for examp
 How do I get the Ferrans and Powers Quality of Life Index?
  The Ferrans and Powers Quality of Life Index was added to version 2.45.000 of Orion Outcomes on April 19, 2003.  All versions at this level or higher have this tool.   The tool must be enabled within Orion Outcome
 What medications should be included for medication compliance?
 Prescribed medication only. That is the number insurance providers follow to track the financial impact of rehab.   OTC drugs are included when prescribed. This includes vitamins that are prescribed.  
 Measuring Patient Compliance
 The patient should be asked for the percentage of time that they feel they are compliant with all prescribed medications or their prescribed diet plan. These are two separate questions. This is self-reported compliance and the patient will choose a range
 Measuring Exercise Compliance
 Exercise compliance is measured at each outcome evaluation. Guidelines for collection of the information are on page 27 of our Orion Outcomes User Guide version 4: + Record the average number of minutes spent exercising per day by the patient. This i
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