Orion Software Development provides service releases to its customers at no charge via the Internet. The purpose of these releases is to fix problems that were reported by users after the initial release of the software. You are not required to update whenever a new release comes out.

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There are two types of downloads available for each edition:

  • Services releases are significantly smaller downloads and are intended to update systems that already have the product installed.
  • Full installers are for customers that need to reinstall the product completely.

Choose the edition and download that best suites your needs.

 Edition Version Service Release Full Installer

   Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

  • Be sure to get the correct version for your installation.
  • Version 3.0 is a pay-for upgrade from Version 2
  • Version 3.5 is a free update to Version 3.0
  • Version 4 is a pay-for update to Version 3.X
(Current) Download Download Download Download
(End of Life) Download Download Download Download
(End of Life) Download Download Download Download
(End of Life) Download Download Download Download

Changes to the software are documented in the release notes.

End of Life Notice

The software version that you are currently may no longer be supported by Orion Software Development. Orion Software Development releases new major versions of our software from time to time. A history of the releases is below. Versions before the current release (now version 4) no longer qualify for support 12 months after purchase date. Orion Software Development representatives may still try and assist you with resolving your issue but resources are limited. Upgrades are how we stay in business. We do not charge for support or have annual support contracts. Support us and we can support you.

Version 2 – Sep 2000 – Support expires in 2006 – Not HIPPA compliant; introduced before HIPAA law
Version 3 – Jan 2005 – Support expires in 2010
Version 4 – May 2009 – Current version

Upgrades are available at reduced pricing. See our web site for more information.