Orion Outcomes prefers using the Internet to send benchmarking data to Orion Software Development. For various reasons, some user’s computers do not have Internet access.  While Orion Outcomes does allow users to export benchmarking data onto floppy disks, a method that enabled Internet transfer for computers not directly connected to the Internet was developed.  Orion Outcomes Slingshot allows users to transfer benchmarking data via the Internet from any Internet-connected computer.


In order to take advantage of Orion Outcomes Slingshot, you must have 2 computers that have:

  • Computer #1: Orion Outcomes Version 3.02.003 or higher
  • Computer #2: Orion Outcomes Slingshot
  • Computer #2: Internet access
  • A customer-supplied 16 MB or larger USB flash drive


Download Orion Outcomes Slingshot here.


Computer #1

1. Start Orion Outcomes on computer #1 and run the Import and Export Wizard from the File menu.

2. When given a choice of transfer method, select Via another computer.

3. Once completing the wizard, you will be prompted to insert your USB flash drive.

4. If your USB flash drive is not detected or you haven’t inserted it yet, you will be warned and given a chance to retry.

5. Once the export is completed, you will be instructed to remove your device.

Computer #2

1. Run Orion Outcomes Slingshot by going to the Windows Start Menu and choosing Programs->Orion Outcomes->Orion Outcomes Slingshot.

2. Press Send and then insert your USB flash drive with the data you exported from the other computer when prompted.

3. Wait until the transfer completes.

4. Completed!  You will receive your benchmarking report within 24-48 hours.