This screen is your main control center while using the program. Simply choose the program type and the task you wish to perform.


Patient Profile Information

Enter the contact and demographic information for the patient on this form.

Patient Profile

Outcome Data Collection

Enter the outcome data values collected for a patient onto this form. Choose from any of the four outcome domains by selecting the corresponding icon along the left bar.


Customize Reports

You have the ability to choose which outcomes to display on the reports.

Show Outcomes

You have the ability to apply fitters to the reports to get at just the data you want to see.


Grids for Powerful Analysis

These sortable, orderable, groupable views are powerful for analyzing your patients.


Data Sharing

You have the ability to import and export data from the product.

IO Wizard

Benchmarking Security

During benchmarking, you have many different option on securing protected health information.