Orion Software Development has partnered with Quinton to create a data synchronization conduit between Orion Outcomes and Quinton’s Q-Tel.

Quinton’s Q-Tel is capable of sending collected data to Orion Outcomes. This transfer of data is done through an intermediary product from Quinton called Q-Progress (formerly Outcomes2).


Orion Outcomes automatically detects when new data is available from Q-Progress on launch.

Which data is actually transferred is controlled by the Quinton software and the user’s preferences.  The list is available in the back of the Quinton Q-Progress User’s Guide.  An abbreviated version of the user’s guide is included here.  Please refer to the user’s guide that comes with your system for the most up to date information.

Quinton Q-Progress User’s Guide (Abbreviated)


Required components are:

  • Orion Outcomes
  • Quinton Q-Tel or Q-Tel RMS
  • Quinton Q-Progress


Orion Outcomes is available from Quinton and Orion Software Development.

Contact your Quinton sales representative for more information on Quinton products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Orion Outcomes know where to get the Quinton data from?
A:  Orion Outcomes communicates with Q-Progress through the Windows Registry to locate the data.  The import location will be printed on the final confirmation screen during manual import.

Q: Do Orion Outcomes & Q-Progress have to be on the same computer?
A:  No.  Orion will give you the option of locating the import data directory.

Q: How can I separate the cardiac from the pulmonary patients in Orion Outcomes after importing from Quinton’s Q-Tel?
A:   If you are a legacy Q-Tel user, unfortunately there is no way to separate cardiac and pulmonary patients going into Quinton’s Outcomes 2.  With Q-Tel RMS, the customer needs to have the appropriate program chosen in “Program Type.” This then outputs to Q-Progress and can be downloaded into Orion Outcomes into the two buckets – cardiac and pulmonary.  Quinton does not have this functionality in the original Q-Tel.  Orion has provided a workaround in version 2.45.000 and higher that allows users to turn on a manual resolution mode that lets you choose the patient program type the first time the patient is imported.  Look for the option on the Tools->Options dialog.