Nine – How Much Will This Cost Me?

Orion Software Development has always been sensitive to the financial constraints of its customers.  We designed every feature and service to take that into account.

The software itself is sold per computer. Additional computer licenses can be purchased at a reduced rate.

There are no annual fees for the software. If and when an upgrade occurs, existing customers receive a discount as is customary in the software industry.

There are no support charges.

Free service releases are made available through our web site monthly.

Benchmarking has two services levels.  Standard which is free and premium which is an annual fee per year.

Two of the outcomes tools available within Orion Outcomes require an outside cost.  The SF-36 and/or SF-12 require users to pay the owner of the tool, QualityMetric, a usage fee.  The Beck Depression Inventory also must be purchased from the Harcourt Corporation. This is outside of Orion’s control.

Pricing information is available on our web site.

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