One – Do I need to collect outcomes?

The short answer is yes.

For years, obvious clinical improvement recognized by both the patient and the clinician has not been documented in the medical field. Positive responses to “How do you feel?” have been sufficient to identify successful treatment. Many clinicians feel documentation of patient improvement is not necessary. While it is relatively easy to convince oneself of this patient improvement, it is another matter to convince someone else of the same improvement without the availability of quantitative data.

As managed care continues to grow, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs will be asked to “prove” their worth. Outcomes are the tools to “prove” or validate program performance and the benefits patients receive from program participation. In addition, outcome measurement and reporting demonstrates accountability for the quality of patient care. Across the nation, many programs are collecting outcome data in an effort to demonstrate and report program effectiveness. However, this data has little meaning without test standardization and the ability to benchmark data with other programs.

Outcomes are required for AACVPR certification.

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