Orion Outcomes is capable of operating on a network through a client to file server configuration. Many facilities have requested this feature to enable multiple users to enter and analyze the outcome data simultaneously.


Once Orion Outcomes is setup in a network configuration, the following capabilities will be available:

  • Multiple client machines will be able to access the same database simultaneously.
  • Different client machines will not be able to update the same patient record simultaneously to prevent any data overwriting.
  • Some configuration options will be shared across machines.


One license per computer is required.  Additional licenses after the first receive discount pricing.  Order forms available here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we have to install the application software on the server?
A: No. The application is loaded on the workstations only. Just the database file goes on the server.

Q: How can I verify what database I am currently using?
A: Within Orion Outcomes, go to the File menu and choose Properties.  The database path/location will be listed.

Q: I want to move to this setup but I currently have multiple independent databases.  Can I merge them?
A: Yes, you can combine any 2 database in Orion Outcomes.  First, be sure to open the database that you want to contain all the data at the end of the operation.  Then go to the File->Import/Export menu in Orion Outcomes.  Choose Import from previous version.  Select the file that you wish to get the data from.  Complete the process.