As managed care continues to grow, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs are being asked to “prove” their worth. Orion Outcomes provides the tools to prove or validate program performance and the benefits patients receive from program participation. In addition, outcome measurement and reporting demonstrates accountability for the quality of patient care. Across the nation, hundreds of programs use Orion Outcomes to demonstrate and report program effectiveness. Because outcome data has little meaning without test standardization and the ability to benchmark data with other programs Orion Outcomes provides comprehensive services to meet your program’s needs..

Orion Software Development is the gold standard for outcomes and benchmarking in rehabilitation. Only Orion Outcomes provides cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs with the standardized tools to measure program outcomes and the opportunity to benchmark program performance with other programs from your state and across the nation. The program outcomes and comprehensive risk profiling can be measured over a ten year period. The outcome measures include hundreds of parameters that fall into the clinical, behavioral, health, economic, and service outcome domains. Only Orion Outcomes offers the worlds largest  standardized outcome measurement, analysis, and data reporting program. This world-class  computer program generates outcome data for benchmarking your programs performance nationally. Use this valuable information to drive your continuous quality improvement process and become a center of excellence in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.


Benchmarking outcomes is a part of the continuous quality improvement process, which falls under hospital operations. As such a patient release form is not necessary under HIPAA guidelines. It is recommended that you indicate in your informed consent that PHI will be used for outcomes and benchmarking purposes.

Orion Outcomes provides HIPAA-ready options for benchmarking.  Read more in our HIPAA readiness section.

Service Options

Orion has found that a single benchmarking offering is not meeting the needs of its broad customer base.  Therefore, Orion will be launching two service levels that Orion Outcomes owners may choose between for benchmarking.  These new service levels will go into effect on July 1st, 2003.  One service level will continue to be a free option while the other will have a yearly cost.  Orion Outcomes owners should choose the service level that best meets their benchmarking needs.

Standard Benchmarking Service

The Standard Benchmarking Service (SBS) will continue to be a free benchmarking service available to all Orion Outcomes customers.  SBS will place restrictions on the benchmarking service in exchange for the free service.  SBS is mainly targeted at programs who only use benchmarking data meet program certification from associations, such as the AACVPR.  AACVPR currently requires one outcomes in the behavioral, clinical, and heath domain.

Premium Benchmarking Service

The Premium Benchmarking Service (PBS) will be a pay-for benchmarking service available to all Orion Outcomes customers.  PBS will include a more comprehensive suite of services for those programs who are actively using the outcome data to improve their quality of services. PBS customers will receive more detailed reporting, including percentile data so program know how they rank nationally.

Standard Premium
Benchmark Outcomes All measured All measured
Benchmarking Frequency Quarterly
(Electronic only)
(Printed or Electronic)
  • Your National Percentiles
  • Only Pre to Post Program Comparisons
  • Change Averages:  Yours vs. State & National
  • Average Patient:  Yours vs. State & National
  • Your National Percentiles
  • Your National Rank
  • Programs of Like Size
  • Comparisons from Pre to Post and 1 Year Comparisons
  • Analysis of sessions completed by state
Cost Free $100/year per program type (CR or PR)
$150/year combined program (CVPR)

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Ordering Information

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Sample Reports

The current reports from Orion Outcomes Benchmarking Services are formatted like the following:

Expect new formats to come online soon for Premium customers.


In order to better utilize your benchmarking reports, we will provide online resources to help you.