Version 4

Mon, May 11, 2009

Company Press Release

Orion Software Development Releases Version 4 of Orion Outcomes for Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Longmont, Colorado — May 11, 2009 — Orion Software Development, a leading provider of medical outcome software solutions, today announced the upcoming availability of version 4 of Orion Outcomes for Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs. This release offers many enhancements that are the direct result of customer feedback.

Previously, version 3 of Orion Outcomes was released in the year 2005.  Orion Software Development continued to enhance the version 3 product after its release with dozens of new features added over the last 4 years.  These enhancements were available for existing customers at no additional charge from Orion Software Development’s web site.

Features in Version 4

  • New! Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) – A cost-free screening test for depression.
  • New! Custom Risk Levels – Ability to customize individual risk levels used in risk profile reports.
  • New! Support for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 – Including support for UAC via Tune-Up utility.
  • Updated! Custom Fields – Minimum and Maximum value definitions for custom fields.
  • Updated! Mail Labels – Ability to sort output based on multiple factors.
  • Updated! Security – Ability to have multiple administrator accounts; Audit user account creations, modifications, and deletions; Initial password change for a new user account.
  • New! Metric Units – Ability to choose metric or statute for outcomes such as weight, height, girth measurements, and 6MDW distance walked.
  • New! Goal Phase – Additional outcomes evaluation phase between pre and post program that allows for tracking patient goals.
  • Updated! Report Settings – Remembers selected outcomes for reports.

Orion Software Development will continue to enhance version 4 throughout 2009 and beyond.  Version 3 will not be enhanced upon the release of version 4.


Orion Outcomes version 4 is priced at $850 per license.

A price reduced upgrade is available for Orion Outcomes version 3 for $400 per license. All computers sharing an outcomes database must be upgraded simultaneously.


Orion Outcomes version 4 will begin shipping by June 1, 2009 from Orion Software Development and its distributors.


Orion Software Development is a leading provider of medical outcome software solutions. The company develops applications that enable organizations to collect and analyze outcome data using a personal computer. The company’s flagship product, Orion Outcomes, is used in hundreds of cardiopulmonary clinics throughout the United States. Headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, Orion Software Development markets its products through direct sales and distributors. Orion Software Development can be contacted by phone at (720) 494-7950, via fax at (720) 494-7951, through e-mail at or via the World Wide Web at

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