Wed, Sep 20, 2000

Company Press Release

Agreement Between Quinton Instrument and Orion Software Development Signifies Rapid Adoption of Outcomes for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Companies Share Common Vision of Integrating Outcomes into the Clinical Routine

Santa Clara, California — September 20, 2000 — Orion Software Development, a leading provider of medical outcome software solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Quinton Instrument Company, a leading provider of cardiopulmonary telemetry systems. As a result of the partnership, Quinton will resell Orion Software Development’s Outcome Data Management System software, bringing outcome collection and analysis to the telemetry systems of thousands of cardiopulmonary clinics worldwide. Orion Software Development and Quinton have also worked together to develop an integration between the Outcome Data Management System and the Q-Tel telemetry system. Customers will be able to share patient profile and outcome session data between the two systems.

“The Outcome Data Management System is rapidly becoming the de facto standard outcome tool in the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation market,” said Brandon Fuller, president of Orion Software Development. “Our relationship with Quinton will help bring the Outcome Data Management System to an even broader audience, making outcome collection & analysis universal for rehabilitation programs across the country.”


The Outcome Data Management System is immediately available from Quinton Instrument as part of its Q-Tel product offering. The ability to import data into the Outcome Data Management System from Q-Tel is available with the 2.0 release of the Outcome Data Management System.


The Outcome Data Management System is a Microsoft Windows-based software application provides the ability to collect and analyze standardized behavioral, clinical, health and economic outcome data. With this product, users can analyze individual patient performance, as well as overall program performance, by creating customized reports and charts. The software includes many standardized outcome measurement tools, such as the six-minute distance walk, SF-36 Health Survey, knowledge tests and more. Users have the ability to export their outcome data to participate in statewide or nationwide benchmarking.


Physicians, clinics, hospitals and health care facilities worldwide rely on Quinton products and services. Our customers appreciate the fact that for 46 years we have been dedicated to providing solutions of the highest quality and value. We understand the economic realities of the businesses we serve and are committed to maximizing the return of our customer’s investments in our offerings. Our proven track record for producing dependable and capable products and providing timely and competent service and technical support are just a few of the reasons why so many people prefer Quinton products. For more information about the company and its products, see its World Wide Web site at http://www.quinton.com.


Orion Software Development is a leading provider of medical outcome software solutions. The company develops applications that enable organizations to collect and analyze outcome data using a personal computer. The company’s flagship product, the Outcome Data Management System™, is used in hundreds of cardiopulmonary clinics throughout the United States. Headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, Orion Software Development markets its products through direct sales and distributors. Orion Software Development can be contacted at (720) 494-7950, via fax at (720) 494-7951, through e-mail at info@orionsoftwaredev.com or via the World Wide Web at http://www.orionsoftwaredev.com.

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